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GM Psychological Service’s Anger Management Program utilizes the Anderson & Anderson Model.  This is a nationally certified program that teaches individuals to control their behaviors and take responsibility for their actions.  

This program teaches individuals to take responsibility for their behavior and how to channel anger appropriately.  Different behavioral and cognitive techniques are used to help the individual gain insight into his/her anger trigger points. 

The course is broken down into anger management, stress management, emotional intelligence, and communication processes.  Participants become more aware of their own stress and anger signals.  Instructors are certified through Anderson & Anderson of California, using the renowned book, Gaining Control of Ourselves. 
The Anger Management Program is 10 weeks in duration and is offered in both individual and group settings.

Symptoms of anger and stress:
  • Frequent irritability
  • Conflicts at home, work or school
  • Temper flare-ups
  • Reduced sensitivity to others
  • Boredom or depression
  • Physical complaints such as headaches or stomach problems

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